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Emissaries of Divine Light

Emissaries of Divine Light BCWho We Are

Edenvale is the Western Canada regional centre for Emissaries of Divine Light. We are a global network of people who are dedicated to providing a crucible for transformation in human experience so that the purpose and destiny of humanity may be fulfilled. We share the understanding that at our core we are Creator Beings, and that it is because of spiritual amnesia that humanity has lost connection with this essential reality. We offer programs and activities that assist people to awaken more fully to what is most true about themselves and to let that be real for them.

We see this era in the history of Planet Earth as a time of global transformation, filled with risk and opportunity. Human consciousness is clearly a critical factor in our collective future. Through all we do, we seek to model a new relationship with the earth, with each other, and, most importantly, with the invisible source of all life, which has been called God.

We see the potential of a global body of awake people---the potential to bring a new state of consciousness into the world. Emissary centres around the world are deeply engaged in collective pioneering in consciousness. We welcome people to contact us directly for more information on activities and opportunities in Western Canada.

Spiritual Leadership

hugh duff 100Hugh Duff is a dowser, attunement practitioner and teacher. He leads Transformation Groups, small circles of people who create supportive environments for personal life changes. He is one of the founders of The Creative Field Project (https//thecreativefield.org/), an experience in consciousness with people from thirteen countries around the world. As Regional Director with Emissaries of Divine Light, British Columbia, he offers spiritual guidance to people in their life journey. Hugh's home base is Edenvale, a thriving spiritual centre and conference and retreat centre in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


maureen waller 100Maureen Waller discovered, after searching for many years, that it is possible to transcend our human conditioning. True being and inherent leadership are in fact present within each one of us. Maureen has a passion for connecting with people and, through that connection, offers the gifts that she has received through the Emissary program.

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