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Emissaries BC Locations

Where We Are In Western Canada

Abbotsford, BC

Emissaries of Divine LightEdenvale community was established in 1974. Our commitment is to fully awaken to the presence of the divine within, and to be a working example of the practical application of spiritual principles in everyday living. Twelve people live here in Edenvale's park-like setting, some working in the retreat business while others work in the city.



workbee at edenvale 300Activities: Sunday Service at 10 am (available on teleconference), Tuesday Transformation Groups and Our Emissary Legacy Sessions, Day-Long Intensives (see Programs)

Attunements by appointment, attunement classes.




Programs: Regional Director Hugh Duff: 604-856-9401 or info@emissariesbc.com
Attunements: Hugh & Barb Duff: 604-857-4939 or hduff@emnet.org or bduff@emnet.org
  Maureen Waller: 604-755-4372 or mwaller@emnet.org
  Lars Warje: 604-856-8748 or lwarje@shaw.ca
  Adelin Beaujot: 604-856-8748 or abeaujot@shaw.ca





Edenvale Retreat and Conference Center has a motto: "the spirit of home in a changing world". It provides a creative, nurturing setting for a wide variety of clients, such as corporate retreats, church and youth groups, quilters, yoga retreats and charity workshops.


Contact: Manager Michele Christie: 604-856-3388 or office@edenvaleretreat.ca



Attunements in Abbotsford: attunements by appointment, attunement circles in Abbotsford Hospital's "Sacred Space", Attunement Meetup group some Sunday evenings.

Contact: Ervin Atchison: 778-240-7756 or ervinatchison@gmail.com
  Carl Richmond: 604-897-0331



kamloopsKamloops, BC

Interior Attunement Service: Attunement by appointment, Attunement Circles, distance Attunement, Attunement teaching.

By donation

Service at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays

Contact: Marilyn Manderson: 250-579-9444 or Marilyn.Manderson@shaw.ca


100mile100 Mile House, BC

Service at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays in the Historic Log Chapel. Attunements by appointment.


Services: Jane Duncan: 250-791-5494 or janeil2@shaw.ca
Attunements: Elise Thomas: 250-791-5254 or mpft@shaw.ca



victoriaVictoria, BC

Service on Sundays, attunements by appointment


 Services:  Diana Tolson: 250-478-2839
   Josie Brocker: 250-382-2066
 Attunements:  Jonathan Beals: 250-588-1052 or beals_3@hotmail.com or www.JonathanBeals.com
   Elaine Paterson: elaine@joyonthemove.com
   Jasen McQuarrie: 250-294-1282 or jasenmcquarrie@gmail.com





Bowser, BC

Attunements by appointment, attunement circles, attunement training

Contact: Carol Robertson: 250-757-9956 or bilcarol@shaw.ca



whitehorseWhitehorse, Yukon Territory

Hodiyin: Sacred Place - Available by email, phone or in-person for Conversation/compassionate listening and attunement as requested and possible; themes include Right Use of Power, authentic self-discovery.

Contact: Eleanor Velarde: 867-668-3747 or evelarde@polarcom.com

For information on programs, contact Hugh Duff at
604-856-9401 or info@emissariesbc.com

What's New

Enlightened Thinking Poster 2016 225pxElightened Thinking
May 15, 2015
1:30 P.M. at Edenvale

Attunement Healing Chant May 16 225Attunement Through
Healing Chant

May 16, 2016, Kamloops, BC

Calendar of Programs and Events

In Living Words

Under the Influence of Love

Are you living under the influence of universal love or under the illusion of a story? You can imagine that a human life would be very different depending on the answer to that question.




Emissaries of Divine Light BCA sacred healing art and spiritual practice.

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the creative field headerThe Creative Field Project

The Emissaries invite you to experience an ever- expanding field of Love shared by people around the globe. Participate through inspiring lectures, small group teleconferences, and subscriptions.

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