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Regional Gathering

Emissaries of Divine Light BC Regional GatheringEmissary Regional Gathering

This annual Emissary event is a collective experience for people who have had a profound spiritual awakening and who want to bring that awakening fully into their experience and into their world. November 10 - 12, 2017 at Edenvale.

Emissaries from throughout the Western Canada region gather at Edenvale in the autumn to share together in the magnificent spirit of love. Cliffe Connor of Madison Wisconsin will be our guest this year. The Gathering is a mix of presentations and experiential sessions incorporating original material, as well as some of the high points and essences of the annual Emissary Gathering held in Colorado.

These times are an opportunity to intensify our work of facilitating awakening, transformation and inspiring radiant service. This happens through participating in innovative activities, accounts of events in each person's location, and the sharing of new initiatives and undertakings. There is also time to visit with others from other parts of the region to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.

For more information, contact Hugh Duff at hduff@emnet.org or 604-856-9401.

For information on programs, contact Hugh Duff at
604-856-9401 or info@emissariesbc.com

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